Our summer fixtures commence on Wednesday 7th April with round 1 of the summer medal eclectic. The new covid rules allow us to start the season playing our usual 3 ball format and you will be able to enter competitions on Wednesdays after 5pm four weeks in advance and can be made on the new IG system.

All of the volunteer starters are in place for April but so far we only have 17 seniors who have committed to continue volunteering. I would be grateful if last year’s volunteers, who have not already done so, would let me know if they are willing to continue.  Sign in can be done on the app or on the screen in the clubhouse (if available). You can either score on the app or hand in a scorecard with VA (verbally accepted) as scorecard swapping is still not permitted. For those not familiar with the IG system and want to enter a competition  simply open the app or software, select “Competitions,” select “Upcoming”, scroll down till you find the right one (the whole season is there), scroll down and select “Enter”, scroll down to your prefered tee time and select “Choose”.

Richard Hird, Seniors Match & Handicap