Senior competition winners 2020

2020 Senior AGM


End of Year 2019-2020

Treasurers Statement.


Due to Social distancing it has been decided to postpone the AGM in line with the club as a whole until the new year.

We have a healthy bank balance any Senior member wishing to have a copy may do so by emailing me at email below and I will send copy of my Excel spreadsheet to them.

The committee donated the Bunker box as agreed at the last AGM to 3 local groups this year.

Hopeman Nursery School £200

Hopeman scouts £100

Hopeman Guides/Brownies £100.

Thank you, letters have been received.

Just to remind all Senior Members (Old & New) that the bunker box is used to support local groups and your 10p per bunker is our way of supporting these groups.

Recently it has lacked the support needed to continue this important contribution.

Eddie Pratt

Seniors Treasurer

7th October 2020

Secretary’s report 2019/20

This year’s Wednesday winter fixtures continued along much the same lines as previous years using full handicaps. This meant that handicap adjustments were implemented over the winter with handicaps reverting to the previous year’s at the start of the new season. The new WHS system does not allow for 3/4 hc so that is now consigned to history. We were fortunate in completing our winter eclectics before the March 16th Covid lockdown.

The following two months saw no golf played in any form after which we were, at least, able to get on the course. When we were able to resume competition play in July I took the decision, along with Dave and Eddie, to concentrate on the summer eclectics, which we managed to complete before the end of September. I think we all missed the fun team games and are happy to have them back on the winter fixture list. This does mean that we have been able to complete all of our competitions/trophies for the year with the exception of the Tony Ryder shield which is competed for on our annual senior’s outing (see prize winners list bellow). Dave had managed to organise an attractive outing at the Kings course in Inverness which, unfortunately, along with all of this year’s friendlies, had to be cancelled. Dave has tried several times to organise a less formal outing but this has proved to be impossible.

This year saw the discontinuation of the use of ClubV1 competition software and the introduction of the SGU app and software. This, unfortunately, means that I have no control of setting up our competitions which has placed a heavy burden on Trevor Mearns. It has also thrown up some anomalies which are confusing people, one of which is when two people are tied on the same score. The old system would have used the R&A system of checking the back 9 etc. but the SGU simply puts the first entered player at the top like the European/PGA tour. The SGU system does not have a facility for eclectics either which means I, with the help of my wife, have to enter all scores individually into a spreadsheet and use a data sort function to rank people in order (so it’s always worth checking I haven’t entered a score wrong).

On the plus side the year since lockdown we have had a big increase in Wednesday numbers. Last year a good summer’s day would have seen an entry of 35 – 40 but since July we have regularly had entries of 60+ and in the summer eclectics we had a total of eighty golfers. This, along with not managing a senior outing or, as is likely, no Christmas dinner, has allowed Eddie to substantially increase prize money. 

This summer’s 3rd annual Convenor’s Trophy three day strokeplay saw numbers almost double that of previous years. Unfortunately, because of the new facility which enables online booking, some entered online instead of adding their name to the draw sheet on the noticeboard thus causing extra work for Dave and Trevor. Hopefully next year the online booking will be blocked for this competition and things will run smoother. Seniors should remember that this competition start list is in the form of a draw and does not provide for choosing playing partners.

This year, because of covid restrictions, we are unable to continue our usual, turn up and play, start system, which has resulted in the introduction of a new starter’s rota system. As our tee times run for 2 ½ hours it seems unreasonable to ask people to be on duty for over two and a half hours so we are using an hour and a quarter shift system with only one on duty at any time. Jake Stuart has kindly offered to organise the delivery of the buggies to the 12th tee every week which should reduce the number of starter duties for volunteers. This rota system does cause problems for some players who have preferred tee times and playing partners so will be kept under review over the winter.

The decision to move the winter meetings to 9.00am from 8.30 proved to be unpopular so was changed back to 8.30 (subject to discussions with Trevor).  

At the moment the prospect of an A.G.M. seems unlikely due to Covid restrictions so in the meantime myself, Dave and Eddie are willing to continue in our current committee roles until things become clearer.

I feel that this year, although challenging has gone as smoothly as we could have hoped for under the circumstances and, hopefully next year is a bit less traumatic.

Thank you.

Richard (handicap secretary)



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Senior’s Results 2020

Winter Medal eclectic

1st   Jon Whyte

2nd  George Boyd

3rd Brian Aspinal

Winter Stableford eclectic

1st Frank Sutherland

2nd   Norman Millar

3rd  Michael Croudace


Summer Medal eclectic

1st Norman Millar

1st= Clifford Ralph

3rd= Dave Whalley

3rd= Colin McGrath

Summer Stableford eclectic

1st D Wisniewski

2nd J Riddell

3rd N Millar

3rd= E Pratt

3rd= M Brown


Senior Matchplay

Winner – R Hird

Runner up –  C Burton

Semi finalist – N Millar

Semi finalist- W McIntosh


Typhoon Trophy

Winner – D More

Runner up – C Ralph

Semi finalist – W Davidson

Semi finalist – Jon Whyte

McPherson Cup

1st Malcolm Alexander

2nd   Dave Harris

3rd  Chris Wilkes

3 Day Strokeplay

1st  R Hird

2nd P Hall

3rd M Alexander


Wednesday Seniors Golfer of the Year

1st W McIntosh

2nd J Whyte

3rd M Alexander