USE of RIDE ON BUGGIES – Due to unprecedented amounts of rain, the fairways have become susceptible to damage from the wheels of ride on buggies. Would all members using ride on buggies, either club or personal, please keep to the sides of the fairways as much as possible and well away from the tees and greens.

GORSE MANAGEMENT– The latest phase of gorse cutting has been carried out In accordance with the recommendations of the world renowned firm of golf course architects McKenzie & Ebert. This has opened up spectacular views of Hopeman beach & harbour and across to the Cromarty Firth in one direction and across the Moray Firth to Sutherland & Caithness in the other. The work has also opened up the possibility of extending the 13th hole at some time in the future. The cut areas are GUR and marked by blue posts. Rule 16.1a applies to anyone landing in the GUR. You must take the nearest point of complete relief. If that point would put the ball in gorse/OOB or otherwise in an unplayable position then the ball must be dropped in a marked drop zone no nearer the hole. If the nearest point of relief is the fairway then the ball must be dropped on the fairway no nearer the hole.  

D. Harris Greens Convener