As you have all probably seen or heard of the Government’s statement yesterday  on Phase 1 and relaxing of lockdown restrictions. This included the announcement that golf would be back on the 29th May 2020, subject to further confirmation on the 28th May 2020.

As a result of this and in conjunction with Scottish Golf recommendations and the R&A (Covid-19 rules) we will be doing our own risk assessment and will be adapting these for use at Hopeman GC. Detailed procedures for golf at HGC will be announced early next week.

Firstly the club has a duty of care to ALL staff and to ALL members along with any visitors guests in the coming weeks and months ahead. It should be worth noting that it is a “Safety First Golf Second Policy”. This will hopefully minimise manage as best we can any risk and allow our golfers to play with as little fear as possible.

Full green keeping staff will be deployed as of Monday 25th in preparation of the course, albeit on a staggered 4 day week. We would like to thank Scott for his efforts, working alone, over the last 2 months in keeping the course in good condition in preparation of commencement of play. Well done.

Going forward we will be discussing with the Head Green Keeper the options for extending the season with a full course going into the winter months. Details will follow later in the summer.

We are pleased to confirm that Scottish Golf has given us a rebate on fees for affiliated clubs of 25%. This of course is members money and as such equates to £3.63 per member and you are entitled to a refund if you so wish. Council are hoping that members will waver this right given the financial challenges the club face at this time. If, however you object please contact to Trevor by Friday 29th May 2020 for a refund. Only respond if you request a refund.

Finally, we would like to acknowledge the financial commitment made by members at the start of the year in relation to their green fees with little or no benefit to date. However this contribution is the cornerstone of our finances and is key to addressing the challenges the club faces in the coming months with little or no visitor income. Subsequently, we are still confident that we have the right financial measures in place to ensure the future sustainability of your club. We thank you for your patience, understanding and your valuable contribution

Play well, but most of all be safe and enjoy your golf.

Ian McPherson, PresidentOn behalf of the Club Council.