The new world handicap system (WHS) went live on Monday this week and the seniors section were the first to use it on Wednesday.

Apart from the IPad freezing there were no real major changes to Handicap Index (HCI) & your handicap for today.

What competitive players need to do for November is know your Handicap Index (HCI) when you check in.

If you have it on your phone on you it will show you 3 different Handicaps!!!

For instance say your HCI is 9.2 it will work out your course Handicap which for the whites is 9.7. For medal/stablefords play your handicap will be 95% of the 9.7 total which is (erm drumroll please) back to 9!! That’s your handicap for today.

If you don’t have your phone, look at your HCI when signing in on Ipad and then go to any of the matrixes dotting about the clubhouse. Once you get to a matrix pick the appropriate one for which tee you are playing from to see what your course handicap is. When you’ve done that you can either work out 95% of the course handicap (or when inputing score after play the IPad will) that’s your handicap for today.

For other formats of golf other than strokeplay/stableford we will give you your H/C for today via the office.

For higher handicaps it may change up by the odd stroke but for Hopeman players it should not be too far from your own HCI.

For further info please see the link below.

WHS Player Reference Guide