In very windy conditions on Sunday it was 3 day open finalist Richie Bremner who came out on top winnihg the trophy with a gross 73. Well done Ritchie that’s two out of the last 3 years Morscots, unfortunately it’s not like the World Cup where you can keep it if you win it 3 times!!

Division 1 HGC Members unless stated.


1st R. Bremner (Elgin) 73, 2nd R. Copland (Cawdor) 76, 3rd R. McIntosh 79.


1st G. Croudace 65, 2nd A. T. MacKenzie 67, 3rd A. MacAskill (Isle of Skye) 69.

Division 2

1st P. Pettengell 84, 2nd G. Callow 88, 3rd M. Croudace 94


1st B. Keane 72, 2nd D. Campbell (Moray) 72, N. Borrie 78.

Long Drives – 8th G. Welsh 14th M.Drummond Forres/Hopeman

Nearest to Pins – 12th E. Hayes 15th A. Galbraith