Following our recent investment in a Electronic Point of Sale System (EPOS, to improve cost management and efficiency ) it has the added feature of being able to administer individual member accounts. Some of you will have already received the new cards however each member will have a card with a unique ID number. As of this month the cards can be “topped up’ at your discretion to be redeemed for drinks and food, goods in the shop or your membership fees. It can also be credited as a gift voucher which can be obtained from the club manager. (Xmas is coming!)

Sweep money won from monthly medals and vouchers from club competitions will now be credited to your card, however vouchers from Open competitions can be credited at your discretion. Going forward members will benefit from discounted prices for bar and catering at a reduction of 10% when new prices will be introduced in 2020. Effectively this will mean that visitors will pay a levy on bar and catering. This initiative is to improve overall financial performance, retain money within the club and generate additional revenue. We trust this meets with your understanding and we look forward to your continued support.

Thanks, Ian