At time of writing, we have had 177 members who have accessed the new Intelligent Golf system. This has been a great response and for the majority it seems that there have been no major problems accessing the Intelligentgolf system.

There are still a few things that we need to do to iron out some issues but we hope to resolve them in the next couple of weeks. Some new members will not have had there Levy activated along with members who rejoined after 31 January. Members will also need to check if there handicap is showing correctly as there are a few out there that may not be linked to your CDH number. If you could let us know if you handicap is not showing before the start of the season this would be appreciated.

In the next week we hope to have the full opens available to book for this season and there should be some that are available to book now via the website or your new APP if you installed it.

A heads up on normal tee time bookings they go live at 6pm for two weeks in advance.