Tomorrow we play Forres in a season opener at the club, we still require one more person to play so if interested please call 830578 to book.

Please be on the tee for the shotgun start for 10am, team and hole number are as follows.

  1. I. Mcpherson, T.Mearns
  2. S. Ramsay, A. Reid
  3. M. Alexander, C. Burton
  4. W. Mcintosh, M.Croudace
  5. J. Campbell, T. Walber
  6. K. Rushton, A. Kennedy
  7. B. Attridge, D. Ross
  8. C. McGrath, N. Malone
  9. R. Mcintosh, M. Lapka
  10. W. Davidson, D. McKenzie
  11. C. Falconer, D. Christie
  12. J. Whyte, R. Hird
  13. P. Rudland, G. Simpson
  14. J. Stuart, S. Simpkins
  15. P. Hall, B. Mackie
  16. D. Dobbs, A.N Other
  17. C. MacDougall, C. Hesketh
  18. D. Godsman, W. Young.