Some cancellations have been received for Sunday, the revised draw is as follows –

Division 1

08:40 B. Main, G. McKenzie, A. Christison

08:50 K. McKenzie, T. Mearns

9.00 A. MacKenzie, A.N. Duncan

09:10 M. More, S. Murray?

09:20 P. Hall, N. Paton, D. Marshall

Division 2

09:30 S. Ramsay, B. Attridge

09:40 G. Croudace, D. Godsman

09:50 N. Malone, D. Cameron, C. Beattie

10:00 P. Pettengell, D. Young, R. Gteathurst

10.10 G. Robertson, I. Cormack

10:20 A.J. Main, A. Hannah, D. J. More

Please let us know if you can’t manage however if there are no shows on Sunday we will make up gorups of two with the last group being a group of 3. Play well.