Mowing has been carried out daily at 4mm HOC. Rolling has been carried out to maintain smooth surfaces and add extra pace. Greens have been solid tined to allow air below the surface. Liquid feed and a wetting agent will be applied in early September. 
Mowing has been carried out twice a week at 10mm HOC. Divetting is carried out twice a week. The tees will get a granular feed in September to aid recovery from heavy play. 
Fairways are cut once every two weeks at the moment at 12mm HOC. When time permits, divit filling has been done however we are finding it hard to do this on a regular basis with being a Greenkeeper down this summer season. A granular feed will also be applied to the fairways this September to strengthen them for the pending winter. 
Tee banks, ditch and bunker mounds have been fly mowed every two weeks. 
At present we are working through a winter programme with our committee. More information will be available on our next report.
Steven Dunn Head Greenkeeper  

The club would also like to thank Dennis Walker, Stephen Leggat, Colin McGrath, Neil Tulloch & Dan Marshall for their time and efforts on a suitable solution on getting the ball out from the hole to suit current COVID guidelines.

I think we’ve managed to get there finally in the end!!