As it comes into September and with the recent rain, the course is starting to get some colour back however we could be doing with some more of the wet stuff. We are still having issues with the irrigation watering system therefore we will openly welcome more rain.

We verti-drained the greens this month which is designed to punch holes deep into the soil profile which helps with air and water movement giving a stronger grass sward and a deeper rooting system.

September Jobs:
Top dressing of greens and tees.
Overseed greens where a mixture of bent grass seed is used.
Weed kill the tees and fairways.
Greens to be fertilised.
Fairways to be fertilised.
Tees to be fertilised.

Leather Jacket treatment – In September Leather Jackets start to become active where they eat the roots of grass plants.
We are also hoping to hollow core the greens in September – So what is hollow coring? It’s the physical removal of cores of turf from a playing surface. The holes are generally 13mm – 16mm in diameter. The cores are ejected, swept up then removed. We are hoping to get some volunteers to come in and assist with the greenkeepers in the removal of the cores from the greens. This will ensure a speedy return to play. Any help would be much appreciated!!

Why is this done? Course traffic causes the ground to become compacted and hardened. This means that drainage is less effective and the grass routes are prevented from absorbing oxygen. Hollow coring allows the compacted turf to expand and for the air and moisture to be more easily absorbed. Coring also removes accumulated fibres in the grass’s root zone. It allows for the exchange of poor soil for a better one through top dressing. That’s why the greens are normally covered in sandy top dressing immediately after they are cored.
It’s important that the coring is completed before the weather turns wet and cold so that there is time for growth and for the holes to seal up. The best time to hollow core is therefore late August and early September.

Course Etiquette:
Please can all players refrain from taking their trolleys onto the teeing area to avoid compaction and unsightly wheel marks. Thank you.

Steven Dunn
Head Greenkeeper