Over the past month we have carried out the Spring greens maintenance. This consisted of topdressing and scarifying the greens to dilute the thatch. This accumulation of thatch can create an environment that affects sward quality in many ways.

*Excessive thatch can create a favourable environment for many pests and diseases.
*Thatch can influence water movement in and around the grass plant.
*Thatch can affect mowing quality.
*Excessive thatch affects ball pace and ball roll.
*Thatch will affect turf grass quality.

Why do we topdress:

*It helps maintain a smooth, true running surface which in turn improves mowing efficiency.
*In conjunction with scarification and verti-cutting, it will avoid excessive thatch build-up.
*Enables you to control organic matter, water infiltration and aeration.
*It’s essential in maintaining or increasing root zone depth.
*Improves germination on over-seeded areas.
*Improves soil texture

This month we have set the irrigation system up for the coming season . There was a couple of leaks which have been fixed.

As well as carrying out routine maintenance we have managed to carry out little jobs that will make a difference on the course.
*Divotted tees
*Trimmed around sprinklers
*Filled up holes on the paths
*Divotted fairways

Plans for next month:

*Fertilise greens
*Light top dress on greens
*Divott tees
*Divott fairways

Please take into consideration the greenkeeping staff during our working hours as over the last few weeks balls have been struck towards the greenkeepers causing near miss incidents. Please allow acknowledgement from the greenkeeping staff to play on and they will wave you on when appropriate to do so. This will only take up to 30 seconds so please be patient.

Steven Dunn

Head Greenkeeper