What a wet few weeks we have had with over 100ml of rainfall however the course has handled this very well. Over the last 6 weeks we have verti drained the greens twice, initially with 3/4 inch tines at the depth of 6 inches. We repeated this procedure with 1/2 inch tines at the depth of 9 inches 2 weeks later.
The tees were also verti drained with 3/4 inch tines at the depth of 8 inches. Greens were also seeded with a fescue seed mix then top dressed with 25 tonnes of sand to help firm up and dilute thatch layer.
Greens have been getting cut at 6.5m twice a week and rolled once per week.
Autumn feed has also been applied to greens and tees to encourage recovery from our very busy golfing season. 

We have also been continuing with our course renovations from recommendations by renowned golf architect Tom McKenzie. 
At the 6th hole we have filled in the right hand side bunker at the green as it was only catching the weaker players. We have filled in two bunkers at the 9th hole and added 2 bunkers on the left that gradually narrow the fairway for the longer players. Short players will have a little more space however this is on the right closer to the fence.  The diagonal line of bunkers will narrow the landing area making it a much better driving hole. 
At the 10th hole we have filled in the two existing bunkers and proceeded to create a further two further up the fairway to be more in view from the tee. 
At the 5th hole we have filled in one of the bunkers on the right hand side of the green as it was unnecessary. We have also filled in the left hand side bunker and created a new bunker at the right hand side of it, closer to the green. 

We have also continued with gorsh bush management over the Autumn period to allow the spectacular views over the Moray Firth and to enjoy other views of the golf course.  We understand that these areas are still in their initial phase however over time these areas will be seeded and fed to encourage rough grasses. We had hoped to have progressed with this job earlier this year however this was delayed due to Covid 19 disruptions mainly as the majority of greens staff were furloughed. We also have to work within budget constraints and weather permitting circumstances.
The green keeping staff appreciate your patience however these changes will take time to settle in.

We hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. 

Steven Dunn, Head Green Keeper