How great it is to be back out on the course and see our golfers playing our great course. 

First of all I’d like to thank Scott Dunn for the power of work he’s put in over the past 9 weeks by keeping the course up to a great standard and making it easier to get the course back up and running for the golfers to play. We’d also like to take this opportunity to thank the volunteers for coming in and helping to get the course ready for play. We are still trying to catch up on jobs around the course and this will take time as we are still on short hours and short staff. 

Greens have been fed and an application of wetting agent and seaweed have been applied. The surfaces are a little bit behind where I would’ve liked them to be at this time of year. However we’ll endeavour to catch up and hopefully be back on track in due course.

Jobs to do
Over the next month the tees will be fed. An application of top dressings will be applied to the greens to make them smoother and run faster. All other general maintenance will continue over the summer months. 
Stay safe 

Steven Dunn

Head Greenkeeper