This current summer golfing season is nearing an end. As from Monday 4th November the Winter Rules will apply which include lifting your golf ball from the fairways and place 2 club lengths into the rough or play from a mat from the fairway. Temporary greens will be in play whenever there is a frost or when there is work being carried out on the greens. Also, winter tees will be in use from the 4th November.

Greens Maintenance:
We will be verti draining the greens over the next few weeks with a solid tine which will be followed by a top dressing of sand then an autumn feed will be applied. Tees will be hollow cored and a dressing will follow.

Winter Programme:
We will be starting some of the proposals put forward by Tom McKenzie this can be seen in the booklet which is available in the clubhouse.

Hole 1:
Fill in left hand fairway bunker
Add on a new bunker on the right hand side of the fairway
Gorse bush management on the left of the fairway and behind the green

Hole 2:
Fill in short left bunker
Fill in the right hand side bunker
Create a larger bunker on the front left corner of the green
Gorse bush management at the right hand side of the green

Hole 14:
Fill in the two green side bunkers
Gorse bush management at the left hand side of the green

We are also looking at doing gorse bush management at the 10th, 13th and 5th holes. This will depend on financial restrictions and time availability.

Steven Dunn

Head Greenkeeper