Dear Members,

Over the winter there has been a lot going on over the course. 
This includes the greens and tees being hollowcored, over seeded and topped dressed with 30 tons of sand. They have also been verti drained several times.

All fairways have been sprayed with iron to help control the moss. Three new bunkers have been constructed on the 4th and with a new one on the 18th. Two bunkers have been filled in on the 4th and 18th and seeded which will become apparent over the following weeks. These areas are roped off to allow uninterrupted growth and to stop foot traffic in this specific areas.

All bunkers have been topped up with sand and edged. Greens have been fertilised with a cold start fertiliser which has readily available nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. This will encourage spring recovery growth. 
All of the machinery has now been serviced ready for the coming season.

Plans for next month:
Fertilise greens and tees Verti drain greens Top dress greens Routine course maintenance. Thank you

Steven Dunn

Head Greenkeeper