This has one of the most challenging summers that I have endured during my time at Hopeman Golf Club. We have hardly seen any rain within the last 9 weeks which has meant that the watering system has consistently been on. We are currently using over 20 thousand litres of water per night over the course. We also have to hand water some greens and tees during the mornings and evenings as the current watering system is not functioning properly. Our watering system is over 30 years old and is showing signs of deterioration due to its constant use over this prolonged time.
I feel this watering system is no longer fit for purpose which is evident over partial areas of the course where the water does not reach. One of the main reasons is a lack in water pressure due to the old pipe work.
The Green staff have had to work constantly and consistently covering nights and weekends to ensure the greens are hand watered sufficiently. The Green staff are working hard to keep the course in a playable condition which is showing a dedicated attitude from all especially during this hot weather period.

The greens will receive an application of growth retardant along with soil conditioner plus seaweed and a wetting agent on a monthly basis. Top dressing of the greens will continue throughout August in order to maintain the firmness and trueness of the greens. Verti-cutting will be undertaken to remove lateral grass.

Plans for next month: Fertilise greens and tees. Top dress greens. All tees divoted weekly. Routine course maintenance. Watering until weather changes.

I would like to take this opportunity to inform our players that one of our Green staff, Michael Dunn, is leaving us to head to pastures new. I would like to thank him for all his hard work over the past 12 years. His professionalism and dedication to the job and course has been very much appreciated.

Steven Dunn
Head Greenkeeper