Firstly, we’ve had to deal with with a very hard spring this year, it has been very dry with only 2mm of rain over a 6 week period. In addition to this we had to contend with very strong easterly winds which seemed to last a lifetime. This effected fairways and tees which are still suffering mainly from last year’s heat wave. Thankfully, we have had quite a bit of rain over the past 10 days which has improved the fairways and tees by triggering growth which was well received. 

 This brings me onto the greens. The greens coped well throughout the dry spell however there was very little growth throughout this time. When the rain eventually came and the soil temperatures rose there was a burst of growth resulting in the grass starting to go to seed which is three to four weeks later this year. Despite cutting and rolling on Saturday 25th May (The MacArthur Open) the greens were unfortunately still slow.  

This week we have been verti cutting the greens with a total of 40 boxes of grass removed in an attempt to try and get on top of the seed heads. As summer starts up, the seed head production will stop and surfaces will become more uniform. Thanks for your patience.

Steven  Dunn

Head Greenkeeper