Honorary President: Paul Lawrie, MBE Honorary Vice-President: Albert T MacKenzie

Recommendations to improve the layout of Hopeman Golf Course.

                                                                                                                                   1st May 2018

It was once quoted that a golf course is a “living thing” and needs to evolve. When the suggested changes are sympathetic to the landscape in question, treating the project as you would a listed building, the final product can provide much benefit for all concerned.

Hopeman Golf Club has seen much change since its inception, none more so than the increase from 9 holes to 18. Reviewing the current layout is an essential exercise to ensure our special club can continue to thrive in an increasingly competitive market place. Striving for improvement needs to be woven into the fabric of the golf club, it will generate sustainability. Much of what is currently seen involves bunkering from the original 9 holes, as well as scarring from more recent changes.

The return of these areas to their former natural state was the foundation upon which many of the other recommendations were built upon. Accommodating the advancements in modern day technology, coupled with never losing sight of the skill factor, were also at the forefront of the project, the principal aim being to increase the enjoyment and challenge for members and visitors alike.

In addition, all of the above can be achieved without major capital investment, drawing from current resources.

Although golf course design can be somewhat subjective, the recommended changes have been made from an entirely objective stance, always paying respect to the hallowed turf.

Embrace your future, embrace Hopeman Golf Club.

Albert MacKenzie

PGA  Professional