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Official Course Notices

Course maintenance



Hopeman Golf Club – Local Rules

1 Out Of Bounds. (Rule 27)


  • The right hand side of the 3rd beyond the fence protecting the first tee including an infinitive line running North between the said fence and the line running along the back of the clubhouse
  • The right hand side of the 6th fairway and the infinitive line due North marked by the posts at the corner of the dog leg
  • Around the clubhouse marked by the white lines and posts


  • Out with the course boundry defined by fences,white posts/lines and dry stone dykes

2. Ground Under Repair

Ground under repair will be marked by blue lines and relief must be taken under Rule 25. Tractor marks may be treated  as GUR,provided they are in a closely mown area through the green.

3. Protection of Young Trees

Relief from young trees must be taken if they are either staked or marked with blue lines

4. Immovable Obstructions

Fixed spirnkler heads,steps in bunkers,golf course signage and all furniture (but not boundry markers), artificial pathways are all considered to be immovable instructions and relief may be taken under Rule 24.2. However, a player may NOT take relief under this local rule if interference by other than the immovable obstruction makes the stroke clearly impractable.

Drop zones are in place for any ball coming to rest within 2 club lengths of the practice net and fence adjacent to the first tee and the shelter behind the 10th green.

Note: The dry stone dykes at the back of the 7th green the lefthand side of the 8th green, the rear of the 17th green and the front of the 18th tee are an integral part of the course. Therefore, the ball must be played as it lies or declared unpalyable under Rule 28.

5. Movable Obstructions

Stones and  Rakes in Bunkers are considered to be movable obstructions and if a ball is inadvertently moved when taking relief Rule 24.1 applies.

6. Water Hazards

Water hazards are marked by red and yellow posts and all areas of bridges and pathways within the lineage of the hazard markings are considered to be part of the hazard Rule 26 or 27.1 applies, which ever is appropriate.

7. Double green

The double green on the 3rd and 6th Hole is classed as on green therefore Rule 25.3 does not apply.

8. Distance Measuring Devices

Players may obtain distance information by using a device that measures distance only. Any player using a device which is designed to gauge or measure other conditions which may affect their play is a breach of Appendix 1v.5 & Rule 14.3 regardless if it is used or not.

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