We are all very much aware of the challenges being faced at the moment by the onset of the Coronavirus.

At Hopeman GC our main concern is for the wellbeing of our members, staff and family members.

Following recent government guidelines on Coronavirus I take the opportunity to update members on the stance we will be implementing with immediate effect to mitigate the spread of the Coronavirus as best we can.

– Hand sanitiser will be available in the toilet facilities
– Disposable hand towels (only) will be in use across our toilet facilities
– Staff will be provided with their own supplies of the above noted items and will be requested to be extra vigilant
– Karen will focus their attention on key areas such as door handles and handrails etc.
– Members are requested to bring to and from site their own bath towels should they wish to use the shower facilities

In addition to the above, all members and guests should follow the below guidelines whenever possible;

– Be extra vigilant and wash your hands frequently with soap and water
– Use of sanitiser whenever possible
– Throw away used tissues (then wash hands)
– Avoid shaking hands
– Catch coughs and sneezes with disposable tissues. If you do not have any tissues catch your cough/sneezes on the inside of your arm-
– Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth with unwashed hands
– Avoid close contact with people who are unwell
– You may need to isolate yourself if you have travelled to an affected area or have been in close contact with an infected person. Self-isolation means staying at home for 14 days, not going to work, school or other public places and avoiding public transport or taxis

I thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation on all the above matters and assure you that Hopeman GC will continue to monitor the situation by increasing/relaxing measures when deemed appropriate.