All Saturday competitive playing members will have a few changes to the way they pay and score over the coming weeks and months ahead. To help club finances the cost for a Saturday competition will remain at £4. There will be no Race to Dornoch this season unfortunately.


All members who have picked up their booklets will notice that they have a members card enclosed if not already given. This can be used in 3 separate ways (purses). One of them being is to pay for member competitions. Members can add money to this purse and pay their competition from the HGC members card.

All monies won through members competitions will be added to the purse on your card.


The Scottish Golf APP can be used without the need for score cards. Players using this facility can benefit from seeing a live leaderboard going round and also there is no need to put into the computer on completion of your round. It is IMPORTANT that ALL players in the group once finished their round complete their final scores together so they can submit and agree the scores at the same time.


All players who have used score cards please visit the shop if it is open and their score will be entered via the IPad. If the shop is not open please put scorecards through the letterbox at the front door for entering and checking.

We envisage to have the competitions completed and updated by Monday at the latest.