Please try and make any payments using contactless if spending less than £30 or by credit or debit card if spending over £30.

Cash transactions are to be kept at a minimum.

Players with any symptoms of COVID-19 MUST NOT play on the golf course or enter the clubhouse at any time.

Gents & Seniors medals will remain as per the club fixture list. In addition to this too accommodate any ladies wishing to play competitive golf they are more than welcome to play in the Gents Fixtures on a Saturday & Tuesday.

The locker rooms will remain open for use but you MUST keep a TWO metre separation at all times from other people using these facilities. We recommend changing your footwear in the car park. The same policy will apply to anyone using the club shop. Should it be busy please return at a later point in time given the current situation.

GOLF buggies will be out of operation for the time being.

Social distancing should apply with a TWO metre rule being introduced in teeing grounds, greens and throughout the round.

Please leave the flagstick in the hole when playing on the course as this will help with the need to touch the flagstick when on the putting green.

Please remove your golf ball from the hole carefully (I.E Not with a golf club).

At present all rakes have been taken in so please use your club and or foot to smooth over the areas as best as possible once vacating the bunker.

The greens staff and helpers will prepare the course and where time permits re-rake the bunkers during the day or at the beginning of each day as part of their duties.

The grass blaster will not be in use.

Golfers should only pick their OWN  golf ball up while playing.

Do NOT share any equipment, such as golf clubs or range finders.

Do NOT shake hands before or after your game and keep some separation.

Scorecards are to be put into the box located in the foyer area and once checked & signed the results will be processed by club staff from a Saturday on a Monday. Tuesday for Wednesday.

Please note there will be another newsletter at the start of the week.