Hopeman Golf Course 1909

Hopeman Course History

Perhaps the first mention of the possibility of a golf course at Hopeman is in a contributed article in the Elgin Courant of August 1892. The writer refers to the decline in the prosperity of the town when the shoals of herring deserted the Moray Firth in the 1870s, but goes on to describe its revival with improved communications and accessibility offered by the new railway due to open that year, and predicts that Hopeman will become more of a summer resort with many houses adapted for letting to summer visitors. He comments on what nature has done to provide safe, attractive beaches for bathing on both sides and then suggests as an attraction to visitors the formation of a golf course.

He goes on to remark that a space, ample, suitable and, he no doubts not, available for the purpose, exists to the east of the town, and on it a course could be laid out at little expense. The article continues ‘Were this done, very probably a tennis court for ladies would follow, and perhaps a bowling green for elderly gentlemen who might consider themselves too far down the vale of years to wield the niblick or the cleek,!

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