Once you have booked on B.R.S for a competition you can not remove your name yourself, You must either phone the club or come in to the office in person, The rules for Saturday competitions have not changed! If you are unable to be here for your chosen Tee Time then you must PHONE the club giving plenty of notice, Failure to notify us by PHone will result in you being banned for the following saturday, We can not accept cancellations by any other form after Midday on the Friday before the competition. There has been a sharp rise in people not turning up and leaving other members without playing partners.

If you are not using the App to score your round then please use a scorecard, Put your own score under player A and only 1 signature is required, Then you must enter your score onto the Ipad and then place your card in the box, If you have any problems with the ipad then see a member of staff.

Please remember not to gather in groups around the 1st Tee or around the shop entrance and exit, And remember to bring a face covering to wear in the shop.

Thank You for your continued cooperation.