We’ve had an update from Scottish Golf with regards to new members having problems gaining entry to our BRS Tee booking system. The communication we’ve received from Scottish Golf is as follows –

Following our recent communication with you on 08/01/2020 to explain that we are currently transitioning to our new software provider for the Central Database for Handicaps (CHD), we would like to communicate the following updates to all affiliated golf clubs:

All Independent Software Vendors (ISV’s) have been supplied with their new credentials and links to access the new CDH. ISV’s will need to use these in order to access the new CDH. Once the link has been established, we will release the necessary methods for testing, when these have been confirmed they will be able to be released to golf clubs.

We appreciate that some clubs are currently running competitions and changing handicap information. Any information that is stored within your club software will sync to the new CDH once the functionality is there.

We also understand that some clubs are attempting to transfer CDH records and create CDH numbers. This facility is not currently available.

The “Get Player Info” and “Create CDH” methods have been released to ISV’s and we have had confirmation that these tests are working. All other methods will be released to ISV’s over the next week. 

This change was a necessary step to take for the implementation of the New World Handicap System (WHS) in November has now set us up for the best possible success as we look to roll this out over the next 9 months. As we explained in our last email a WHS readiness document will be coming out shortly with instructions on what actions a club needs to take in order to cleanse/update the clubs CDH information in preparation for WHS.