THURSDAY 6 DECEMBER 2018 at 7:30pm in the CLUBHOUSE

  1. Apologies
  2. Minutes of Annual General Meeting of 7 December 2017
  3. Council Report for 2018
  4. Approved Accounts 2017/18
  5. Proposals:

5.1       The Long Partnership be appointed as Auditors for 2018/19.

Proposed and Recommended by Council

5.2       That the proposed Budget for 2018/19 be adopted.

Proposed and Recommended by Council

  1. Re- Election of Council Members:

Proposed and recommended by Council

6.1       As President – I. McPherson

To continue as President for a further year.

6.2       As Vice President – M. More

To continue as Vice President for a further year.

  1. Election of Council Members:

7.1       As Member of Council – K. Rushton

Proposed by I. McPherson       Seconded by T. Mearns

7.2       As Member of Council – C. Yeaman

Proposed by F. Sutherland       Seconded by G. Welsh

7.3       As Member of Council – M. Burton

Proposed by M. More             Seconded by A. Munsie

  1. A.O.B